(一)Hesitate (犹豫)

Then she asked,hesitating,filled with anxious doubt.

1. I said nervously,my voice trembling a bit.

2. I was seized by a sudden impulse (冲动)to run.

3. Fear took hold of me. / Panic seized us.

4. My body tensed as I heard...

5. I chewed my lip.

6. I tossed and turned all night.彻夜难眠

7. ... I replied,feeling a lump(块状物) rise in my throat.

8. I felt that the blood in my body cooled\froze rapidly because of the terrible sight

9. With a pounding heart and cold,moist palms,I felt faint.

10.I froze with terror,too scared to move an inch.

1. My throat was dry and my face was burning up.

2. So ashamed was I that I could feel my face burning/the blood rush to my face.

3. I dropped my eyes.

(四)Sad/depressed (悲伤、抑郁)

1. Jack is overcome with grief.

2. Grief comes in waves. 悲伤如潮水一般涌来。

3. The last word went like a bullet(子弹) to my heart. ---伤心、扎心

4. A ripple of sadness welled up inside him 涌起阵阵悲伤

5. The gloom(忧郁)deepened as the result came in. 更加难过

6. My heart seemed to be torn.(心都要撕碎了)

7. Her eyes are flooded with tears.

8. Tears are rolling down from her eyes.

9. Eyes begin to water.

10. I sobbed bitterly,tasting the salt from the tears that streamed down my face.

11. I felt so sad that I found myself crying unconsciously,unable to hold back my tears.

12. There was clearly nothing left to do but drop herself onto the shabby little couch and weep.

13. An air of sorrow and depression settled over the crowd.

14. Her tears seemed to grieve (使伤心)the kindhearted others,for they immediately took out their handkerchiefs and began to weep also.


1. Charlie glowered(怒视) when I asked him to come forward.

2. The boss is up in arms about the company’s poor sales record in the past few months. (举起双臂,抖动两个拳头,表示愤怒)

3. be red with angerrage(愤怒); boil with rage; be filled with fury(愤怒)

4. He clenched his fists. 他紧握拳头. / She shook her fist at him (i.e. as an angry threatening gesture). 她向他挥动拳头.

5. My voice sounds like a growling(咆哮),angry bear.

6. The reply of the man again fueled the foolish officer’s anger(火上浇油、更加愤怒).

7. His friend,冲出英语短语,whose patience had worn thin(耐心被消磨光了),phoned to complain.

8. My teacher’s eyes were shining with anger.

9. Anger engulfed吞噬 him like a wild beast.

10. She could feel the anger growing,bubbling up inside her.如起泡一般变大

11. I had an undercurrent resentment (对...心怀不满)towards the new proposal.

12. She threw the invitation on the table with annoyance,murmuring...

13. Stamp one’s foot in anger 气得直跺脚

14. Run out of the room in a burst of anger怒气冲冲

15. He was sweating and burning with rage.

1. I feel abandoned by the world 被全世界抛弃。

2. New fathers often feel left out when baby arrives.

3. He felt a strong sense of loss after his divorce.

4. I ended up feeling completely lost and abandoned.

5. We all have moments of desperation.我们都有沮丧的时候。

6. Ever since I lost him,I have been faced with a deep sense of loss(失落感)--a feeling which is difficult for me to describe in words(难以用语言描述).


1. Bathed in sunshine,we all cheered and jumped with joy.

2. The crowd became restless(骚动),excitement filling the room.

3. Tears of happiness poured down Susan’s cheeks.

4. I felt the warmth surging through me.

5. I think he’d mighty(及其) happy that ...

6. His eyes twinkle with pleasure every time he remembers last winter. 每当他想起去年冬天,就喜上眉梢。

7. Smiles are dancing in his eyes./Her eyes danced with joy and happiness.

8. I laughed out loudlaughed heartily (哈哈大笑) when I saw that funny video. 当我在看有趣的录像的时候我大声笑了。

16. Eyes light up. 精神振奋、高兴

17. I beamed at(对...微笑) him,“Welcome back,...”

19. Hearing this,everybody was wild with joy(欣喜若狂)

20. One’s eyes brim over with warm excited tears热泪盈眶

21. One evening,standing under a jeweled sky,I found myself thankful for all the hardships.


1. Mother fainted away,with the shock of the bad news. 坏消息带来的震惊让妈妈昏过去了。

2. Hearing the bad news,Mary froze with shock,as if rooted on the ground. (僵住了,像扎根在地上一样)

3. The car was gone in seconds,leaving Alice shaking her head in disbelief. 难以置信地摇头

4. I sensed a flash of surprise in his eyes. 我感觉到他眼里的一丝惊讶。A flicker of \ a gust of

(九)Disappointed/frustrated 沮丧

1. Overcome with/by my bitter disappointment,I refused to be comforted.

2. When I saw the pile of dirty dishes,my heart sank. 我看到那一堆肮脏的餐具时,感到很扫兴.

3. in low spirits \ in an unpleasant mood 情绪低落;沮丧

4. Feel nauseated 觉得恶心

6. I feel sad,frustrated,angry,confused,hopeless and hurt all at the same time.

(十)Jealous 嫉妒

1. This sense gives me a headache and makes me jump from envy to severe hate(从嫉妒发展到极度憎恨).

2. I feel like I am a big,green,grouchy (不高兴的;不满的)monster.


1. Driven by a sense of regret(受到遗憾的驱使) he decided to ...


1. She had been tired enough to sleep deeply and profoundly深深地--too deeply and soundly to be disturbed by anything.

(十三)curious/ 好奇

1. Burning with curiosity,she ran across the field after it.


Never get conceited(骄傲自满的) because of victory or lose heart in case of failure. 胜不骄、败不馁

A unique sense of accomplishment arises. 产生了一种独特的成就感

The police wrote a ticket with a tricky smile(狡黠的微笑).

I feel soft and gentle and caring and my heart feels really warm.

I feel like there are hundreds of butterflies dancing in my heart. (感觉到爱)

The actor playing the father was too wooden.饰演父亲的演员太呆板。

I’ve just been to the dentist and my face is still numb.我刚刚去看了牙医,脸上现在还没知觉呢。

Steve looked blank and said he had no idea what I was talking about.


She passed by with only a distant nod. 她冷漠的点了一下头就过去了。

Holly smiled distantly.霍利恍惚地笑了笑。



1、既兴奋又开心a mixture of excitement and happiness

2、心情愉快in cheerful spirits

3、振作精神keep up one’s spirits

4、满意的表情a satisfied look

5、高兴地跳起来dance/jump for joy

6、流下幸福的泪水tears of happiness flowing down

7、感到鼓舞的feel inspired/encouraged

8、精神高涨be in high spirit


1、强烈的失落感a strong sense of loss

2、陷入绝望fall into despair

3、悲痛欲绝cry one’s heart out

4、怀着沉重的心情with a heavy heart

5、沮丧的with a sinking heart

6、情绪低落be down in spirits

7、垂头丧气lose one’s spirits

8、意志消沉a broken spirit


1、不断地抱怨complain constantly

有,短语run out of house中即可译为跑出房间,run out of还有用完的意思。run的用法:run的基本意思是跑,移动,指人,动物或车辆以一定速度前进或移动;引申可表示延伸,延续的意思。run还可用作系动词,意思是用,达到。

2、气得满脸通红flame with anger

3、愁眉苦脸have a worried look

4、气冲冲地跑出房间run out of the room in a burst of anger

5、感到尴尬的feel embarrassed

6、感到困惑的feel puzzled/confused

7、感到沮丧的feel frustrated/depressed

8、感到恼怒的feel annoyed

9、感到泄气的feel discouraged


1、宽容的精神a forgiving spirit

2、以和蔼可亲的态度with a kind and good-humored spirit

3、在这些情绪的控制下under the domination of these emotions


1、鼓起勇气muster up courage

2、面对斗争与改变in the face of struggle and change

3、没有履行职责fail to carry out one’s duties

4、完全一团糟be completely in a mess

5、一项有意义的活动a meaningful/rewarding activity

6、相信in the belief that

7、抱着疲惫的双腿回家go home on tired legs

8、全心全意be devoted to sth whole-heartedly

9、感觉很不适应feel out of place

10、毫无倦意show no signs of tiredness

11、无力改变的结果be powerless to change the outcome

12、赞赏的眼光an admiring gaze

13、嫉妒的眼光an envious glance

14、向某人投以爱慕的目光cast admiring glance at sb

15、凝视着某人look at sb with a fixed gaze

16、好奇地向某人看了一眼throw a curious glance at sb

17、一听到声音就知道是某人recognize sb at first hearing

18、爆发出阵阵喝彩声break into shouts of applause

19、不耐心地听listen impatiently

(迅速跑出) rush out;wash;dash out;fly out;obtrude ;

20、严厉训斥某人give sb a sharp scolding

21、穿过田野的散步a walk across the field

22、散步/闲逛have/take a stroll

23、步行穿过马路walk across a street

24、在倾盆大雨中行走walk through the pouring rain

25、毫无目的地在街上游荡stroll aimlessly through the streets

26、来回踱步pace back and forth

27、臂挽着臂走walk arm in arm


balance the interests of different levels of students

with a heavy/sinking/broken heart


with a light heart 心情轻松地

touch one’s heart 打动了某人的心

Pierce one’s heart 刺痛某人的心

follow one’s heart跟随某人的心

pour out one’s heart to sb.


filled one’s heart 充满某人的内心

one’s heart is breaking某人的心正在碎

one’s heart melted 心被融化了

beating fast跳得很快

pound with excitement 激动得直跳

thump with fear 因恐惧而砰砰作响

be in tears 含泪

have tears in one’s eyes眼里含着泪水

burst into tears 放声大哭

fight back tears 抑制住泪水

be close to tears 快要哭了

fly off the handle 勃然大怒

lose one’s temper 发脾气

open one’s mouth 张开嘴

hide one’s yawn 打哈欠

cup one’s mouth 扣住某人的嘴

stuff one’s mouth with something 用......填满嘴巴

drop open in surprise惊奇地张大了嘴

冲出是迅速跑出的意思。例如:冲出亚洲, 走向世界。那么你知道冲出用英语怎么说吗?下面来学习一下吧。冲出英语说法1:rush out 冲出英语说法2:wash 冲出英语说法3:dash out 冲出的英语例句:那些受惊的顾客们就会冲出去。

start watering 开始流口水

heart be in one’s mouth紧张得心都到了喉咙眼


思考An idea flashed across his mind.他脑子里闪过一个念头。

An idea formed in his mind.他脑中有了一个主意。

An idea occurred to / hit / struck him.他突然有了一个主意。

She was deep in thought and heard little of what was being said around her.她在沉思,几乎听不见周围的话。The opportunity had gone and his mind scrabbled for alternatives.机会已经失去了,他苦苦思索别的方案。



1. At the sight of the ferocious wolf,I felt very scared.

2. 1)At the sight of the ferocious wolf,I felt so scared that my throat tightened and my knees felt weak. (嗓子发紧,膝盖发软)

2)At the sight of the ferocious wolf,I froze with terror,too scared to move an inch.(吓呆了,不敢动弹)

3)At the sight of the ferocious wolf,I was seized by a strong sense of horror and my palms were sweating. (被深深地恐惧感所控制,手心出汗)

表感到兴奋 thrilled


1. When the host announced that she won the prize,she felt thrilled.

2. 1) When the host announced that she won the prize,her eyes twinkled with excitement.(激动得两眼放光)

2) When the host announced that she won the prize,her heart was thumping with excitement. (激动得心砰砰跳)

3) When the host announced that she won the prize,a wide excitement took hold of her. (兴奋不能自已)


① He turned to me,with his eyes full of horror.他转过身来,眼里充满了恐惧。

② Fear slowly creeps upon her.恐惧慢慢地蔓延到她身上。

③ She was struck with horror when...她感到恐惧……

④ She was choked by fear.她因恐惧而窒息。

⑤ Her face turned pale and stood there tongue-tied.她脸色苍白地站在那里,舌头打结。

⑥ A flood of fear welled up in him. / Fear flooded over him.

他心中涌起一阵恐惧。 / 恐惧淹没了他。

⑦ Her heart beat so violently that she felt nearly suffocated(窒息).


⑧ She shook all over,feeling like sitting on pins and needles.




1. Upon hearing the bad news,she felt extremely sad.

2. 1)Upon hearing the bad news,her heart ached,tears streaming down her cheeks. (心痛,眼泪直流)

2)Upon hearing the bad news,she,numb with grief,had trouble speaking. (悲伤到失去知觉,不能开口说话)

3)Upon hearing the bad news,she felt seized by a burst of sadness and couldn’t help crying bitterly.(被一股悲伤之感控制,忍不住哭泣)



1. When his mother kissed him on the cheek,the baby was happy/delighted/full of joy.

2.1) When his mother kissed him on the cheek,it seemed as if the baby were on top of the world. (非常开心)

2) When the mother kissed the baby on the cheek,his face beamed and his bright smile lit up the room. (眉开眼笑;笑容照亮房间)

3) When the mother kissed the baby on the cheek,his eyes danced with joy and sweetness. (欢欣雀跃)




Key 1: She felt ashamed.

Key 2:

1) She felt so ashamed that she could feel her face burning.(脸上滚烫)

2) So ashamed was she that she could feel the blood rush to her face. (血液涌上脸颊)

3) So ashamed did she feel that she was close to tears. (快哭了)



Key 1: Sheldon felt very angry.

Key 2:

1) Sheldon felt so angry that he stormed out of the room,slamming the door furiously behind him. (冲出房间;狠狠摔门)

2) Boiling with rage,Sheldon shook his fist at me.(怒火中烧;挥舞拳头)

3) Filled with fury,Sheldon was unable to utter a single word. (充满愤怒;说不出话)



Key 1: Tony felt hopeless/desperate.

Key 2:

1) As the result of an accident,Tony was suddenly thrown into a world of darkness and sank into hopelessness. (被投入黑暗之中;陷入绝望)

2) Tony felt left out and was getting desperate with loneliness. (感觉被遗忘、忽视)


Touched deeply/immensely,we…被深深感动,我们……

Tears filling her eyes,she offered her heartfelt gratitude.她热泪盈眶,表示衷心的感谢。

With tears streaming down her face,she... 泪水顺着她的脸颊流了下来,……

All those present to listen to her sad story were moved to tears.凡在场听到她悲惨经历的人无不感动得流泪。I was greatly touched by what you told me.你对我讲的话使我大受感动。It is very moving to see how much strangers can care for each other.看到陌生人之间这般彼此关照,实在令人感动。His speech was inspiring and touched my heart. 他的发言鼓舞人心,让我很受触动。


My face flushed radish red and I stared at my feet,hoping no one would notice how embarrassed I was.


Shame hitting,the woman kept silent,having no courage to look his husband in the eye.


Guilt and shame flowing in her mind,she didn’t even dare to watch her husband in the eye,weeping in regret.


I froze. I could feel the heat rising into my cheeks,did I really just do that?



At this dark and hopeless moment,a wonderful idea came to him.


It filled his mind with a great,bright light.


He was determined to tell people the truth,but no one could hear his voice.



She was like a cat on hot bricks before her driving test.


In her nervousness she stumbled over her words.


She shook all over,feeling like sitting on pins and needles.


I could feel sweat beading on my forehead as I walked around the corner.



I could feel my heart in my throat as my name was called.


My mind went blank.


She felt nervousness took hold of her whole body.


She was so nervous that she was shaking like a jelly.


Her ears rang and she couldn’t hear a single word.


She stood almost frozen,with a pale face and red eyes.


She could feel her palms sweating,heartbeat racing and blood rushing in her ears.


She bit her lips and looked away from Mrs. Willow’s eyes.


My heart was pounding,as if it were about to pop.


He looks like an ant on a hot pot.


My heart is hanging like a big stone,how can not fall down.




1.These events constantly remind me of my father’s absence.

2.I immediately picture/imagine him walking through the door,wearing a shining smile.

3.Most days I hope that maybe he will turn up at my doorstep one day.

5.He was determined to tell people the truth,but no one could hear his voice.

6.So the young man realized the police had arrested the wrong person,and he took the great courage to expose the real criminal.

7.I focused my thoughts on every part of myself.

8.We nodded our heads in agreement,understanding each other.

9.Somehow I got the idea it would be fun to waken my father by firing it.

10.I was wondering where he was. I had a new joke to tell him.

11.I was afraid to go to sleep,for fear that I would wake up the way I had been before.

12.Then I tried to figure out what I should do. Follow my friend to the hospital?

13.There was nothing I could accomplish there,I convinced myself.

14.All I could do at the hospital,I decided,was to get in the way.

15.As I started my car,I realized that my friend had left his truck and keys at the courts.

16.From that one experience I learned that the most important thing in life isn’t the money you make.

17.I will cherish the fond memories for the rest of my life.

18.He felt he could not continue and sat down on the lawn.

19.At this dark and hopeless moment,a wonderful idea came to him. It filled his mind with a great,bright light.

20.Tom thought for a moment,was about to agree; but he changed his mind.

21.The peasant,surprised and disturbed,swallowed a tiny glass of brandy.(upset,bewildered,shocked,perplexed,doubtful )

22.She met his gaze at last,a red flush creeping across her face.

23.He went home ashamed,chocking with anger and confusion.(embarrassed regretful apologetic

24.He grew angry,becoming annoyed,hot,and shocked.

25.The peasant stood choking with anger and fear.

26.He was consumed with guilt after the accident.

27.He was consumed by /with jealousy.

28.He was haunted by his memories of the war.

29.He grew a little pale.

30.The day of the ball drew near and Madame Loisel seemed sad,uneasy,anxious.

31.But one evening her husband reached home with a triumphant air and holding a large envelope in his hand.

32.He stopped,distracted,seeing that his wife was weeping.

33.Two great tears ran slowly from the corners of her eyes toward the corners of her mouth.

34.He stood up,bewildered.

35.They looked,thunderstruck,at each other.

36.They went toward the Seine in despair,shivering with cold.

37.She sat waiting on a chair in her ball dress,without strength to go to bed,overwhelmed,without any fire,without a thought.

38.Loisel returned at night with a hollow,pale face.


(一) 根据提示填空:

1.He ___________________(变得呆板)and stood still in front of the camera.

2.Her life would never be the same again,_________________________(她模模糊糊地意识到).

3.I have recently been suffering from _______________________________(双手一直疼痛麻木).

4.He _____________________(糊里糊涂地走进了)into the cemetery.

5.The horror of my experience _________________________(已使我感觉迟钝).

6._________________________(她两眼发直),not knowing what to say next.

7._____________________________________(他颤抖的双手和茫然的眼神进一步证实了)herearlier perception that he was extremely ill at ease.

8.He looked at her ___________________________(他那双黑眼睛茫然地望着她)that made noopportunity for her to speak.

9.He found her _____________________________(冷若冰霜,拒人于千里之外)

10.There was __________________________(她眼中时时流露出心不在焉的神情),her thoughts elsewhere.

11.They ___________________ (依稀记得)that the islands were the only part of Britain occupied during the war.

12.He is a reckless driver and often drives ___________________(漫不经心).














































7.他开始往嘴里塞意大利面。stuff [stf] 塞满;填塞



写作练习(一) 根据提示填空:

1. He became wooden and stood still in front of the camera.


2. Her life would never be the same again,she realized numbly.


3. I have recently been suffering from pain and numbness in my hands.


4. He walked numbly into the cemetery.


5.The horror of my experience has numbed my senses.


6.She stared blankly into space,not knowing what to say next.


7.His trembling hands and blank stare confirmed her earlier perception that he was extremely ill at ease.


8.He looked at her out of black blank eyes that made no opportunity for her to speak.


9.He found her cold,ice-like and distant...


10.There was a distant look in her eyes from time to time,her thoughts elsewhere.


11.They distantly remember that the islands were the only part of Britain occupied during the war


12.He is a reckless driver and often drives in an absent way.



1.Hearing the news,he show me a wooden smile


2.His fingers were numb with cold,and it took a lot of energy to find the key in the pocket


3.He could feel his fingers growing numb at their tips...


4.I was so shocked I went numb.


5.She stared at me with a blank expression on her face.


6.Tom told a woman a joke and got a blank look.


7.Pat sounded very cold and distant on the phone.


8.There was a distant look in her eyes; her mind was obviously on something else.


9. Somewhere,distantly,he could hear the sound of the sea.


10. We’re distantly related.


11. “Nothing,” Rosie said in an absent way.


12. His look had grown absent,as if he were calling up memories.



1. With a heavy/sinking/broken heart,she watched him go.

2. He set off with a light heart.

3. His sad story touched her heart.

4. Her words pierced my heart.


5. Just follow your heart and you’ll be happy.

6. Finally,he broke down in tears and poured out his heart to her.

7. Relief filled his heart.

8. My heart aches when I think of their sorrow.

9. Inside,his heart was slowly breaking

10. He smiled and her heart melted.

11. Her heart is beating fast.


12. Her heart was pounding with excitement.

13. His heart thumped with fear.


1. She opened her mouth to say something,but nothing.

2. He covered his mouth to hide his yawn.

3. Our mouths dropped open in surprise.

4. My mouth started watering when I smelled the food.

5. Suddenly a hand cupped her mouth.

6. A smile played around his mouth.

7. He began to stuff his mouth with pasta.

8. He straightened up and looked at me,open-mouthed.

9. My heart was in my mouth when I walked into her office.

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