英语中考词汇表 常用一词多义词


1. about (prep) 关于 Why not talk about the Chinese culture for tomorrow's lecture?

(ad) 到处,四处 Watch out! Bears about!

大约 Let&39;clock at the school gate.

2. absent (a)缺席的 --Who is absent today?--Daming. He had an accident on the school trip.

absent-minded健忘的 My grandpa became absent-minded with age.

心不在焉的 He was so absent-minded in class that the teacher became angry with him.

3. after (prep)在…后面 My best friend Peter sits after me .

(conj)在…以后 I will tell her the news after she comes back.

4. against (prep)倚在……上 The piano is against the wall.

对 We played against a team from the No.2 Middle School and won the game.

反对 Don't do anything against the law.

5. around 大约 See you around 7:30.

向各处 I like to travel around the world someday.

环绕 The earth moves around the sun.

6.as(ad)像…一样,如同 Hailstones are as big as tennis balls. 冰雹象网球般大小。

我们是英雄英语,2. conj. 当 As she grew older,she kept more to herself.随着年龄的增长,她变得更沉默了。

=because; since 因为;既然 I must stop now as I have to go out.我得就此打住了,因为我得出去。

3. prep. 作为,当作以… As prime minister,he is a target for terrorism.作为首相,他是恐怖主义的目标。

7. ache 1.n 疼痛 The ache in her head worsened. 她的头痛加剧了。

2. vi I'm aching all over. 我浑身疼痛。

8. aim n. 目的,目标 v. 计划,打算,瞄准,针对

9. air n. 空气,神态,姿态 v. 晾晒,烘干,使房间通风,透气

10. arm n. 臂。支架 v. 以…装备,武装起来 n. (美)武器,武力


1. bear (n)熊 He ran away as quickly as possible when he saw the bear in the forest.

bear (v)忍受 He can't bear to be laughed at.

2. bill(n)账单; --Have you paid the bill?

钞票,纸币 --Yes,I paid the bill with a ten-dollar bill.

3. book (n) 书,本子 There are a lot of books in the library.

book (v) 预订 You'd better book tickets if you want to watch the movie.

I have booked a table at the Swan. 我在天鹅饭店预定了一张桌子。

(be booked up)have all places reserved; be full. 预约满了,预订一空

book (v) 登记 The cop booked me and took me down to the station. 警察记了我的名字然后把我带到了警察局。

4. break (n) 休息 It's time to take a break.

break(v) 打破 It's really bad to break the valuable china vase.

终止 She broke the silence by coughing.

已坏 I don't think my watch is broken.

5. bring(v)带来,拿来

①Please remember to bring your homework tomorrow.

②His energetic interest and ability brought an offer to become a line boss.(西城期末完形)

6. brush (n)刷子,画笔,毛笔 It's good for us to change our tooth-brush regularly.

(v)刷 You'd better brush your teeth after meals.

7. burn (v) 着火 The house was burned to the ground.(ie completely destroyed by fire)

使晒黑 His face was badly burnt by the hot sun. (他的脸被烈日晒伤了)

Her skin burns easily. (她的皮肤不禁晒)

(n) 烧伤,晒伤

8.but (conj)但是 It&39;s good.

(prep)除了 I want nobody but you to finish the work.

we were never anything but poor.我们一直就是穷而已。

9. by (prep)靠近,在……旁 We had a picnic by the lake.

通过 He entered the room by the back door.

经过(某人、某物)He walked by me without speaking.

不迟于Can you finish the work by five o'clock?

由 The play is written by Shakespeare.

乘(车)Let's travel to Shanghai by car.

通过…..的方式He earns his living by writing.

10. blame v. 认为…应该负责,归咎于 He was to blame for their deaths.他应对他们的死亡负责。

责怪 He was becoming impatient and I couldn't blame him.他开始不耐烦,我不怪他。

n. 责任,指责. He singled out food additives for blame.他挑出食品添加剂加以指责。

I am the hero of myself.

11.blank adj. 无装饰的;空白的 The screen went blank.屏幕变成一片空白。

There was a blank look on his face. 他脸上毫无表情。

n. 空白处draw a blank : elicit no successful response; fail 得不到想得到的回应(或信息);失败

The search drew a blank.搜寻失败了。

v. 成为空白,变得模糊不清 The picture blanked out.图像变得模糊不清。

12.block n. 大块,街区,路障

vt. 阻塞,阻挡The narrow roads were blocked by cars.狭窄的道路被小汽车堵死了。

13.blue n./adj.蓝色(的)

adj. 悲伤的,沮丧的 He's feeling blue.他感到悲伤。

14.board n. 木板,布告牌,委员会,(政府的)部

v. 上(船,火车,飞机)They would not be able to board without a ticket.他们没有票就不能登机。Flight UA 850 to Chicago is now boarding.飞往芝加哥的UA850航班开始登机。

on board 在船(或飞机等)上

15.bound v. 跳动,跳跃着前进 The dog bounded up to him.

n. 跳跃,(尤指跃向,跃过)I went up the steps in two effortless bounds.我没费一点力气,两下就跳上了台阶。

adj被…所限制的,被…所束缚的,She is bound to her family.她被家庭束缚住了。

一定的,肯定会There is bound to be a change of plan. 计划肯定会有变动。

16.bow n./v. 鞠躬,弯腰行礼The man gave a little bow.这个男人微微点了点头。

He turned and bowed to his father.他转过身来向父亲鞠了一躬。

17. bright adj. 明亮的,发亮光的; 色彩鲜亮的; 聪明的,机灵的; (前途)光明的


1.can 能够,可以He can speak English very well.

(n) 金属或塑料的容器;罐头 a Coke can

2. cap (n) 帽子British schoolboys sometimes wear caps.

(钢笔、瓶子等的)帽、盖When I saw the bottle,the scene of Dad trying to remove the cap and in desperation(绝望) breaking it with the stone flashed before my eyes. (西城期末完形)

3. capital(n)首都Beijing is the capital of China.

大写字母The world BIG is in capitals.

资本He set up a business with a starting capital of$100,000.

4. care (n) 照料She watered the flower with great care.

小心Care is needed when crossing the road.

(v) 介意,在乎He failed the exam but he didn't seem to care at all.

关心His parents really cares about him.

5.carry (v) 携带,搬运;She carried her baby in her arms.

持有,带有;I never carry much money with me.

6. catch (v)接住I threw a ball to her and she caught it.

捉住We tried our best to catch the thief.

赶上He got up too late to catch the early bus.

染上(疾病)④--What's wrong with you?—Oh,I catch a cold.

听见(某事物),理解Sorry,I didn't catch what you said.

7. change (n) 零钱,找头I have no small change.

改变Are you for or against change? (你是赞同还是反对改动?)

(v) 改变 It is not easy to make him change his mind.

8. class (n)班级I am happy I study in Class Six.

等级This is a second-class compartment.

课I have a math class at 9o'clock.

9. close (v) 关闭Don't forget to close the door when you leave the room.

(a) 亲密的 I have a close friend called Joy.

接近 The church is close to the school.

(ad) 接近,靠近They quite close.

close by离(某人或某事物)不远

After Mother died years later,he insisted on staying in the small house with the garden and a few farm animals close by . (西城期末完形)

10. cold (a)寒冷的It's so cold in winter in Beijing.

冷却的I'd like a cold drink.

不友好的The cold look on her face made me sad.

(n) 寒冷Don't stand outside in the cold.

伤风,感冒He didn't come to school because he had a bad cold.

11. cover (v) 覆盖The ground is covered with snow.

(n) 盖子; 罩; 封面

12. cross (v)横穿Don't cross the road when the traffic light is red.

交叉 He crossed his leg and sat down.

(n) 十字架; 十字形或叉形记号Mark the place with a cross on the map.

(a) 生气I was cross with him for being late.

13. custom(n)习惯,风俗,惯例

It is our custom to visit the Lake District in October. 10月探访湖区是我们的习惯。

光顾,顾客 We would like to have your custom.我们欢迎您的惠顾。

1、我的英雄用英语是My hero。读音:英[maɪ ˈhɪərəʊ]美[maɪ ˈhɪroʊ]。2、He is my hero!他是我的英雄!3、Hero是一个英语单词,名词,作名词。

海关关税They are collecting customs.他们正在收缴关税。

14. chat n. 聊天,闲聊He dropped in for a chat. 他顺道来访,闲谈了一番。

v.聊天,闲聊she chatted to her mother on the phone every day.她每天打电话和母亲闲聊。

15.cheat v. 作弊;欺诈She always cheats in exams.

n. 欺诈行为,欺骗,诓骗The sheets I've bought are a cheat.我买这些床单上当了。

n. 骗子He is a cheat. 他是个骗子。

16.cheer v. 欢呼;喝彩;呼叫鼓劲 she cheered from the sidelines.她在界外叫加油。

使高兴起来;变得高兴起来 I asked her out to lunch to cheer her up.

n. 呼叫鼓劲声;喝彩声;欢呼声Let's give three cheers for the visitors.让我们向来宾三次欢呼。


1. date(n) 日期 What's the date today?

约会Tonight I have a date with Mike.

up to date 时新的,现代的 out of date 过时的

2. draw (v) 绘画He can draw a horse in ten seconds.

向某方向移动Christmas is drawing near.(圣诞节日渐临近)

拉,拖I drew my chair up to the table.

获取(知识经验等)At the end of the class I drew a conclusion. (得出结论)

提取(金钱)I drew 50 pounds in the bank last Sunday.

3. dress (v)穿衣Hurry up and get dressed!

Is she old enough to dress herself ?


4. drive (v) 驾驶He can drive very well and he drives to work every day.

使或逼(某人)处于某种状态或做某事He almost drives me crazy.

(n) 乘汽车等之行He took her out for a drive.

5. drop (v)使(某物)意外地落下The bottle dropped and broke.

放弃I found it difficult to learn physics so I decided to drop it.

(n)(液体的)珠,滴 ;rain-drops

6.damp adj.潮湿的,不完全干燥的I don't like a damp weather.我不喜欢潮湿的天气。

n.潮湿,湿气We shivered in the damp of the forest.我们因树林里的湿气而打寒颤。

vt.使潮湿You should damp clothes before ironing them.在熨衣服之前应将衣服打湿。

7. desert n. 沙漠,不毛之地

vt.舍弃,遗弃he deserted his wife and daughter and went back to England. 他遗弃妻女,返回了英格兰。

8. down prep.表示位置)在…的下方; 在…的下端 Their house is down the hill.他们的房子在山下。

adv. 向下 The sun started to go down.太阳开始下山。

adj.令人沮丧的;悲伤的 Of course,there were up days and down days.当然,有高兴日子也有悲伤的日子。

Verb. (非正式) knock or bring to the ground 击倒;击落;使摔倒(或倒、落下)

175 enemy aircraft had been downed.175架敌机被击落。

喝掉,吃掉 He downed five bottles of beer.他喝了五瓶啤酒。


1. earth (n)地球; 泥土

2. easy(a) 容易的The exam yesterday was really easy.

舒适的,安心的Now I am leading an easy life.

Take it easy 别着急

3.excuse(v) 原谅Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the airport?

(n)借口,辩解There is no excuse for his mistake.

4. express (v)表达; It is hard for him to express himself in English.


(n)快车The 8:00 am express to Beijing is always crowed.

快邮,速递He sent the book to me by express.

5. each adj. 每一,各个的 Each school has its library pron.每个I gave a book to each.

6. either pron.(两者之中)任何一个 Either of the plans is equally dangerous.

adj. (两者中)任一的 You may use either computer.

adv.(否定句中)也 He won&39;t go either.

face n.. 脸,面容,表面,面子 vt. 面向,面对,正视,面临

fan n. 迷,热心的爱好者;风扇 v. 扇

fast adj. /adv. 快的(地),迅速的(地),紧紧的(地),牢固的(地) (fasten)扎牢,扣住

experience n. 经验,经历

v. She experienced a joy in helping others in trouble.



1. face(n) 脸 face to face

(v) 面对 He faced the difficulties bravely.

2. fan (n) 迷 The famous singer has millions of fans.

扇子Most old people prefer fans to air conditioners.

3. fat (a) 肥胖的If you eat too much chocolate,you will get fat.

(n) 脂肪This ham has too much fat on it.

4. film (n) 电影 This is my favorite film.

胶卷 develop the film 洗胶卷

5. fit (a) 健康的 He always do exercise to keep fit.

v. (使)适合,安装 Those jeans still fit me. They fitted smoke alarms to their home.

6. fly(v) 放飞; 飞行 It's good to fly a kite on windy days.

(n) 飞行; 苍蝇

7. for (prep) 为…… I bought some flowers for my mother on Mother's Day.

对….来说It's easy for me to play the piano.

达到(引导时间段)We have learned English for a long time so we can speak a little English.

(conj)因为,由于He didn't come to the party,for he liked to stay alone.

8. free (a) 免费的The coffee is free here.

自由的,空闲的I am free this afternoon. What about going shopping with me?

9. fresh(a) 新鲜的 fresh water 淡水

10. full (a) 满的The room is full of people.

饱的I&39;t eat anything .

11. fall n. 秋季,跌落,下降,落差,垮台,堕落,瀑布

v. 落下,降落,跌倒

12. feel v./link (由触摸而得知)感觉到, 觉得认为 How do you feel today? Cotton feels soft.

n. 感觉,手感

13. figure n. 数字;人物;

14. fine a. 细的,晴朗的,美好的,(身体)健康的

n./v. 罚款 she was fined £1500 for driving offences.她因违规驾驶而被罚款1,500英镑。

15. fire n. 火,火炉,火灾 v. 开火,射击,解雇

16. firm n. 公司,企业

a. 坚固的,坚定的,坚决的,忠诚的

He didn't like being firm with Jane,but he had to. 他不想跟詹妮来硬的,但不这样又不行。

The bed should be reasonably firm,but not too hard. 床应该相当坚固,但又不能太硬。

We became firm friends. 我们成了莫逆之交。

17.flood n. 洪水 She burst into floods of tears.她突然泪如泉涌。

v. 淹没,使泛滥 Sarah's eyes flooded with tears. 萨拉满眼泪水。

大量涌来 Letters flooded the office.办公室里到处是信件。


gift (n) 礼物;a birthday gift

天赋 I have a gift for music.

green (a) 绿色的;a green dress

(指水果)未成熟的,生的green bananas

新来的,无经验的You must be green to believe that.

3. grow(v)生长I want to be an astronaut like Yang Liwei when I grow up.

种植My grandparents grew a lot of flowers behind their house last year.

变成It began to grow dark.


指针There is something wrong with the hour hand of the clock.

(v) 递给As we walked through its doors,Grandma handed me ten dollars(美元).(朝阳期末完形)

2. hang (v) 悬挂; hang hung hung

Hang your coat on that hook. (把你的外套挂在那个钩上)

处以绞刑 hang hanged hanged

He shouldn't be hanged for such a crime. (他不应该因为这样的罪被处以绞刑)

3. hard (a) 困难的It is hard to know whether it will be clear soon.

硬的The ground is as hard as stone.

(ad) 努力地Work hard,or you will fall behind.

猛烈地It is raining hard. Don't go out until it stops.

4. have (v) 有I have a lot of hobbies.

从事,进行Let's have a talk.

吃He usually has a sandwich for lunch.

5.head (n) 头He fell and hit his head.

领头部分At the head of the queue stands an old woman.

首脑Report to the Head immediately!

(v) 往……去Where are you heading? (你往哪儿走?)

6. hero(n)英雄,勇士Liu Xiang is my hero.

男主角The hero of the play is Peter.

7. hold(v)拿,抱The girl was holding her father's hand.

握住She was holding an umbrella.

举行We'll hold a meeting to discuss it.

承受……的重量Is that table strong enough to hold you?

可容纳,包含I don't think the room can hold so many people.

不挂电话Please hold the line. I will be back in a minute.

8. hot(a)热的It's too hot in the room. Why not open the door?

辣的 Pepper is hot. (胡椒是辣的)

9. handle n. 柄,把手 v. 处理

10. home n.家 ad.到家,回家 adj. 家用的,国内的,主场的

11. host n. 主人,节目主持人,东道主 v. 做主人招待


1. if(conj) 如果I will go to Shanghai if I have time in May.

是否 I don't know if you are right.

2. interest (n) 兴趣,好奇心Now he has grown up he no longer takes any interest in his stamp collection.

爱好 Her main interests in life are music,tennis and cooking.

利息When you borrow money from the bank,you need to pay interest.

(v)对……有兴趣The topic he is talking about interests me greatly.

3. iron (n)铁This material is as hard as iron.

a steam-iron 蒸汽熨斗

(v)熨烫She was ironing a shirt when I went to visit her.


1. join(v) 加入He joined the League last June.

加入某人行列They are playing basketball. What about joining them?

连接The teacher asked us to join the two parts together.

2. just (ad) 刚才I have just seen John。

恰好It's just my size.

不过,仅After all,he is just a child.

(a) 公平的,公正的It is a just sentence. (这是合法的判决)

3. judge n.裁判,审判员,法官 v. 判断,断定

4. jump n. 跳跃,猛涨,激增 v. 跳跃,惊起,猛扑


1. key (n) 钥匙I can't find my key. Can you help me?

(打字机、钢琴等的)键You need to press the keys hard,for the piano is quite old.

答案Tell me the keys to the test.

关键,要诀Diet and exercise are the key to good health.

2. kind (n)种类 There are all kinds of books in the library.

(a)和蔼的 Would you be kind enough to help me?

3. keep v. 保持,保存,继续不断,阻止,防止,履行,遵守 vt. 培育,饲养


1. last (v) 持续 How long do you think this fine weather will last?

(a)最后的December is the last month of the year.

最近的,上一个的 I thought her last book was one of the best.

2. lay(v)将某物或某人置于某位置 Please lay the book on the table.

(指鸟、虫等)产(卵)The hens are not laying well at the moment.

3. leave (n) 假期 a sick leave

(v)离开 He left his hometown two years ago.

使…处于某种状态 Leave the door open.

忽略或未拿、未带某物I've left my gloves on the bus.

4. lesson(n)功课The first lesson in driving is how to start the car.

一节课My yoga lesson begins at 8pm.

教训 ,经验,榜样Let this be a lesson to you never to play with matches!

5. lie(v) 平躺Don't lie in bed all morning.

位于The city lies in the east of China.

撒谎He is lying! Don't believe him.

6. lift (v) 举起He can easily lift the heavy boy.

(云或烟等)消散;The cloud will lift soon according to the weather report.

(n) 电梯The office is on the sixth floor. Let's take a lift.

免费搭私人车I'll give you a lift to the station.

7. light (v)点燃He lit the candle.

(n) 电灯Turn on the lights,please.

灯光The light is too poor to read by.

(a) 明亮的We like to study in a light room.

浅色的I prefer light colors.

轻的The coat is light and warm.

易懂的I took some light reading for the train journey.

light music 轻音乐

(指睡眠)不沉的,不熟的Don't make any noise—my mother is a very light sleeper.

8. like (prep)像 He looks like his father.

(v)喜欢 I like to chat with others.

9. live (v)居住; Where do you live?

过…样的生活He wants to live a peaceful life.

(a) 活的There are lots of live fish in the small river.

(ad) 现场直播地The match will be shown live by BBC.

10. long (a) 长的 This is a long story.

(v) long for 渴望 The children are longing for holidays.

11. lose(v)失去She's just lost her husband.

遗失I've lost my key.

输,失败We lost the match at last although we tried our best.

12. land n. 陆地,土地 v. 登岸(陆),降落


1. mad (a) 疯狂的You must be mad to drive so fast.

对某事、某人极感兴趣He's mad about pop music.

2. make (v)制造Can you make a model car?

做 He is good at making cake.

强迫They made me repeat the story.

⑵make (n)牌子Cars of all makes can be seen in the street.

制造This is a coat of excellent make.(做工精致的)

3. master (v) 掌握 It's useful to master a foreign language.

(n) 主人;


4. match (v) 与…相配The furniture and the room match perfectly.

(n)比赛There will be a basketball match on TV tonight.

火柴People don't use matches quite often now.

5. mind (v)介意Would you mind taking care of my dog?

照看Mind my bike while I go into the shop.

留神Mind the step!

(n)思想,想法 change one&39;s mind

6. miss(v) 想念I miss my childhood a lot.

错过,未赶上He missed the meeting because of the bad weather.

未击中He shot the basket but he missed.

7. monitor(n) 班长;


8. mouse (n) 鼠标;羞怯(胆小)的人;老鼠

9. mean v. 意思是,意指 a. 吝啬的,卑鄙的,平均的 n. 平均数,平均值

means n. 方法,手段,财产

10. meet v 遇见,见到,迎接,满足 n. 会,集会,运动会,比赛

11. mine pron. 我的 n. 矿藏,矿山 ,地雷,水雷 v. 开采(矿物),在…中布雷


1. name (v)命名 He named his son after the hero.

(n)名字 His name is Jack.

2. national(a)国家的;


3. nobody (pron) 没有人,谁也不Nobody is in the room. It is empty.

(n)渺小人物He was just a nobody before he became a manager.

4. note (n)便条,笔记He asked his students to take notes carefully.

注释This is a new book with a lot of notes.

钞票 a 5-pound note

(v)记下 note something down

5. notice (v) 注意到 I noticed he left early.

(n) 通知 Put up the notice and let everyone know it.

6. nurse (n) 护士; 保姆

(v) 看护


1. once (ad)一次I've only been there once.

曾经 I once met your mother.

(conj) 一旦Once you understand the rule,you will have no further difficulty.

2. order (n) 顺序Put everything in order.

定单,定货He gave his order to the waiter.

(v) 命令We ordered him to leave.

定购,定做,预定I have ordered a new table from the shop.

3. over (prep)在…之上They held a large umbrella over her.

横越 There is a bridge over the river.

(ad)结束The meeting was over an hour ago.

…多There are over 1000 people in the village.

4. offer v.(主动)给予;(主动)提供

n. 愿意在需要时做某事或给予某物的表示; a job offer.一个工作机会

5. operate v. 做手术,运转,实施,负责,经营,管理

6. open a. 开着的,空旷的,坦率的,(职位等)空缺v.打开

7. or conj. 或,就是,否则

8. own a. 自己的 v. 拥有,所有


paper(n)纸张 Paper was invented in ancient China.

报纸 Have you seen today's paper?

试卷 The history paper was really easy.

2. park (n) 公园 There is a chocolate theme park in Beijing.

(v) 停放 Don't park the car in this street.

3.party (n) 聚会 I am looking forward to the party.

政党 When did you join the Party?

5. pass (v) 传递 Will you please pass me the book on the desk?

通过 He passed me but said nothing.

打发时间 pass the time

6. past (a) 结束的 Winter is past and spring has come.

(prep) 过… What time is it? It a quarter past twelve.

走过某处 He walked past me and say nothing.

7.patient (n) 病人 The doctor is looking after the patient.

patient (a) 耐心的 Be patient! He is only a child.

8.pay (v) 付钱,给…报酬 He paid the bill and left.

(n) 工资 He gets his pay each Thursday.

9. pick (v) 拾起 He picked the pen up and gave it to the teacher.

I am a hero, I can protect you

挑选 He picked the biggest apple and passed it to his mother.

采,摘 You'd better not pick the flowers in the garden.

10.place (n) 地点 This is a famous place.

(v)放置 Place the book on the table.

11.plant(n) 植物 What is the name of the plant?

(v)种植 They taught the boy how to plant trees.

12. plate (n) 盘子 I always wash the plates after dinner.

(n) 牌 The number-plate on the car is 1068.

13. play(v) 玩; 播放 Please don't play the music so loudly.

(n) 戏剧 My mother likes watching TV plays best.

14. poor(a)穷的 He is very poor but he is very happy.

(a) 差的 I am poor in English.

15. pound(n)英镑;How much is it? 200 pounds. That's too expensive.

(n)磅 Two pounds of apples,please.


(n)礼物 I always receive many presents on my birthday.

现在,目前At present we are having a break.

They are happy and at peace,refusing to think beyond the present.(n.) 他们快乐又安宁,不愿想以后的事。

(a) 出席的 How many people were present at the meeting?

The speech caused embarrassment to all those present. (adj)这些话使所有在场的人感到尴尬。

现在的 She did not expect to find herself in her present situation.她没料到自己会是现在这样的处境。

(v)将某物赠与某人 He presented a gold medal to the winner.

We presented him a basketball on his birthday.他生日那天我们送给他一个篮球。

递交;提交,提供 He stopped and presented his passport.他停下并递上护照。

正式引见,介绍 May I present my wife?.请允许我介绍我夫人。

(电视或电台节目)介绍;播出 The Late Show was presented by Cynthia Rose.晚间节目由辛西娅•罗斯播报。

向…显示;展示;描述 The EC presented a united front over the crisis.


17.pretty(a)漂亮的 She is very pretty.

(ad) 相当地 He draws pretty well.

18.push (v) 推动 Don't push: wait before you get on the bus.

(n) 推进,促进 They gave the car a push.

19. pin n. 别针 v. 别住,钉住

20. plain a. 家常的,普通的 朴素的,简单的,坦白的, n. 平原

21. please int.请 v.使人高兴,使人满意

22. point v. 指向,n. 点,分数,观点,目的,意图

23. press v. 压,逼迫 n. 新闻界,出版社


question n.问题,疑问

Edward was the only one she obeyed without question.


v. 审问,质疑 Four men were being questioned about the killings.四人正在受到有关谋杀的审问。

(2010中考D篇)Though this belief continues to be strong,some people question whether it is true.


1. race (n) 比赛,赛跑 He won the 100-meter race at last.

(v)进行速度竞赛 I'll race you to school.

2. raise (v) 举起,提起 Please raise your hand if you want to say something.

(v) 召集或集结(某事物)The volunteers hold a party to raise money for the poor children.

3. reach (v) 到达 We reached the station in time and caught the train.

伸手够到 The apple is too tall for the girl to reach.

达到 Finally they reached an agreement.

4. reason (n) 理由,原因 This is the reason why he was late.

(v) 推理


5. receive (v) 收到 We received the letter at the end of the month.

招待 He was received as an honored visitor.

6. record (n) 唱片 I am looking forward to getting a latest record of Taylor Swift.

记录 He hopes to break a record in London in 2012.

7. rest (v) 休息 It's time to rest for a while.

(n) 休息 It's time to have a rest.

剩余部分 Tonight I'll have enough time to watch the rest of the film.

8. return (v) 返回 He returned to his hometown in 1999.

归还 Please return the book to me as soon as possible.

9. rice (n) 水稻 Rice is grown in the south.

米饭 I had some rice and fish for lunch.

10. rich (a) 富有的 He is very rich but he is very unhappy.

丰富的 Chinese is a very rich language. I&39;ll fall in love with it.

11. ride (v) 骑 Can you ride a horse?

(n) 乘骑,乘坐,搭乘 We went for a ride in her new car.

12. right (a) 右边的 Show me your right hand.

正确的 You are right. I am really from Shenyang.

(n) 右边 On the right you can see the museum.

(n) 权利 You have no right to do that.

13. ring (n) 戒指,环形物 She loves her wedding ring very much.

(v) 发出清晰响亮的声音 (尤指铃声)The bell is ringing. Let's hurry.

14. room (n) 房间 --Which room do you like? – The one on the left.

空间 Who can make room for this old man?

15. row (n) 排 He is in Row One.

(v)划 We rowed the boat happily.

16. rule (n) 规则 You must obey the rules.

(v) 统治 He ruled the country and people all loved him.

17. run (v) 跑步 Every day we practice running on the playground.

经营 He ran the company successfully.


1. save (v) 拯救 The doctor saved the patient in the end.

节约 We must try our best to save water.

2.serve (v) 为…服务 He served in the army.

送上,端上 What time is breakfast served in this hotel.

3. set (v) 放,放于某处 Set your heavy bag down here.

安置,放好 Set the table for dinner.

制定,确定,建立 He set a new world record.

专心,倾注 The child has set his heart on it.

I've set my mind on it.

(太阳)下沉,落下 In the winter the sun sets early .

使成为 I open the cage and set the bird free.

使开始 Your words have set me thinking.

set (n) 一组,一套 a set of tools

装备 a TV set

固定的,安排好的 I have to study at set hours each day.

4.shop (v) 购物 I shopped for some clothes,but I couldn't find anything.

(n) 商店 Where is the shop? It's over there.

5. short (a) 矮的,短的 The boy is too short to reach the box.

That ruler is not long enough. It's a bit short.

6. show (v) 出示 Can you show me your ticket?

带引 May I show you to your seat?

(n) 展览 There is a flower show in the park every spring.

7. since (conj) 自…以来 I have been a teacher since In graduated from the college.

既然,由于 Since everyone is here,let's begin our class.

8. smart (a) 聪明的 He is smart and his parents likes him very much.

漂亮的 The gift he received on his birthday was a smart shirt.

9. smoke (v) 吸烟 My father used to smoke.

(n) 烟 The smoke from the chimney is very terrible.

10.snow (n) 雪 I like to play with snow very much.

(v) 下雪 It is snowing heavily. You'd better not go out.

11. so (conj) 因此 It was dark,so I couldn't see what was happening.

(adv) 那么,如此He was so happy that he couldn't believe his ears when he heard the news.

12. sort (v) 挑选 Can you sort these apples into two parts?

种类 What sort of food do you like best?

13. sound (n) 声音 Listen! Can you hear a strange sound?

(v) 听起来 The music sounds beautiful.

14. spare (v)留出 Can you spare me five minutes?

(a)备用的 There is a spare bedroom on the second floor.

多余的,空闲的 I often read books in my spare time.

15. spring (n) 春季 People often fly kites in spring.

泉 There is a spring in the village.

16. stand (v) 站立 Please stand up!

忍受 I can't stand getting up early.

17. step (n) 步 Take two steps forward and two steps back.

台阶 Mind the step outside the door.

18. stick (v)粘住 Stick a stamp on the letter.

(n) 枝条;棍 The old man needed a walking stick.

19. still (ad) 还 He still kept the photo which was taken ten years ago.

(a) 静止不动 Stand still! Don't move!

20. stop (n) 站 Let's meet at the bus stop.

The bus was pulling up at her stop. 公共汽车正向车站停靠。

(v) 停止

Stop talking! It's time to listen to the news.

His laughter stopped as quickly as it had begun. 他笑得快停得也快。

She stopped giggling. 她停止傻笑。

He stopped work for tea. 他停下工作去喝茶。


You can't stop me from getting what I want. 你阻止不了我得到想要的东西。

He would stop at nothing to retain his position of power.他会不惜一切来保住自己的权力地位。

21. store (n) 商店 I went to the bookstore and bought the book I wanted.

(v) 贮藏 Many animals like to store food for winter.

22. strange (a) 奇怪的 It&39;ve never met him.

陌生的 He stood in a strange street.

23. strong (a) 强壮的 She is not very strong after her illness.

坚固的 He had strong beliefs so he succeeded in the end.

(尤指饮料)烈性的,浓的 The tea is too strong.

24.study (v) 学习,研究 She studies French.

书房 She is studying French in her study.

25. swing (v)摇荡 The sign was swinging in the wind.

(n)秋千The children are playing on the swings in the park.

26. salt n. 盐;增加趣味的事物

v. 加盐于…以调味;使更有趣

He described danger as the salt of pleasure. 他把危险风趣地描写成乐趣。

27. second n. 秒,瞬间 num. 第二 a. 第二的

28. sentence n. 句子,宣判,判决 v. 宣判,判决

29. shape n. 形状,外形 v. 使成型,塑造,制造,使服装合身

30. subject n. 学科,题目,主题,主语

v. 使服从,是隶属,使受到 He tried to subject the whole family to his will.


隶属的;受支配的;易受… 的;常有…的 Ministers are subject to the laws of the land.部长受国法管辖。This area is subject to earthquakes.该地区常发生地震。


1.table (n) 桌子 Cover the table with the cloth.

表格 First,you need to complete the table.

timetable 时刻表

2.take (v) 获得,享有,使用 take the bus take a walk

拿走 Who has taken my pen?

携带,带领 We usually take the children to school in the car.

3. talk (v)讲话 I want to talk to you about something.

(n)谈话 I had a long talk with Mr Wang about my son.

报告 There will be a talk on modern films.

4. tell (v) 告诉 I will tell him the news as soon as he comes back.

分辨 --Which team will win? --Who can tell?

5. terrible(a) 可怕的 This was a terrible war.


糟糕的 To tell you the truth,it's really a terrible play.

6. thin (a) 瘦的 She is very thin.

薄的,细的 Don't skate on the thin ice.

7. through (prep) 穿过,通过 We can't see through the mist.

经由 She climbed in through the window.

(ad) 从头到尾,自始至终 She read the letter through.

8. tie (v) 系,扎 Tie the tree to the stick.

(n) 领带,领结 He wore a tie before going to the party.

9. time (n) 一段时间 Learning English takes quite a long time.

钟点 The clock keeps good time. (这个钟时间很准)

时刻 It's time to go to bed.

次数 I have been there many times.

10. train (n) 火车 Let's travel by train.

(v) 训练 She is training to be a doctor.

11. treat (v) 对待,看待 She treated us as children.

款待 He treated himself to a holiday in Spain.

医治,治疗 He tried his best to treat the disease.

12. turn (n) 轮流 It's my turn to clean the blackboard.

(v)旋转 Turn right at the end of the street.

英语是:I am the hero.句子解释:am 英[əm] 美[æm]abbr. (=amplitude modulation) <无>调频,调谐;vi. (用于第一人称单数现在时) 是;aux. (与v-ing连用构成现在进行时,与v-ed。

13. twice (ad) 两次 I've read the book twice.

两倍 I work twice as hard as you.

14. trade n. 贸易 v. 用…进行交换,交易,经商


1. underground

underground (a) 地下的 underground(n) 地铁

2. used (a) 用旧了的, 二手的He bought a used car after his graduation.

已适应,已习惯After three weeks he got used to the weather in Beijing.


1. warm (a) 温暖的It's warm in spring.

热情的They gave the guest a warm welcome.

(v) 使暖和 Please warm the milk.

2. watch (n) 手表

(v)观察The students watched as the teacher did the experiment.

观看Will you watch the match on TV?

守卫或保护某人或某物Could you watch my clothes while I have a swim?

3. water (n) 水 There is a lot of water in the bottle.

(v) 浇水 He watered the tree every morning.

4. way (n)路 Can you show me the way to the hospital?

(沿某)方向 He went this way.

(做某事的)方法What is the best way to clean it?

5.weak(a) 弱的She was still weak after her illness.

差的She is weak in biology.

(指液体)稀的She prefers weak tea 淡茶

7.wear (v)穿着Look at the man who is wearing an overcoat! He is Jackie Chen!

戴着I don't like wearing glasses.

6. well (ad) 好,令人满意地 He can play basketball very well.

(a) (身体)好的,健康的 --How is your mother? --Very well.

7. when (conj)当…时候 When the teacher came in,we stopped talking at once.

(ad)何时 When did you return the book?

8. while (conj) 和…同时 While I was doing homework,my father was reading a newspaper.

(n) 一会,一段时间 Please wait for a while.

9. wing(n) 翅膀;


10. wish (v) 祝愿某人有某物I wish you a good journey.

怀着愿望I wish I knew what was going to happen.

(n)愿望; 祝愿Her wish came true.

With best wishes.

11. with (prep) 和…一起She goes to America with her husband.

有或带着某物Who is the girl with long hair?

用You need to fill in the form with a pen.

因为或由于(某事物);She was shaking with laughter (笑得浑身直颤)

12. wonder(v) 想知道 I wonder why he is late.

(n) 奇迹 These are books of wonders.

13.word (n) 词The word is not spelled correctly.

话,话语He didn't say a word about it.

14. work (v) 工作 He works very hard.

She works in a small factory.

运转 My watch doesn't work.

(n) 工作His hard work leaves me a deep impression.

He was tired after a day's work in the fields.

work on sth = to be busy with a particular activity,project,piece of research,etc.忙于,致力于﹙某活动、项目、研究等﹚:

What are you working on at the moment? 你现在忙什么呢?

work out :to happen or develop in a particular way,especially a successful way进展;﹙尤指﹚成功地发展:

I'm glad my plan worked out (= was successful).我很高兴我的计划成功了。

works 作品

The works of Shakespeare fill several feet of shelf space. 数英尺高的书架上放满了莎士比亚的作品。

15. wrong(a)错误的I am sorry to say that your answer is wrong.

不正常的,有毛病的There is something wrong with my computer.


yard(n)院子He often drinks tea in the yard.

码A yard equals to 3 feet.

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