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Zhengzhou,a well-known national historic city and one of the eight ancient capitals of China,is an important cradle of Chinese civilization. As the only national central city located along the Yellow River,it has played a key role in ecological protection and promoting high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin.


The Yellow River is regarded as the mother river of the Chinese nation because it has nurtured Chinese civilization for 5,000 years. The Zhengzhou section of the Yellow River gave birth to Yellow Emperor Culture,the Shangdu Culture,and the Shaolin Culture,with Shaolin Culture in particular becoming a significant example of Chinese culture to share with those around the world.


Photo: Fu Wenlong

The Shaolin culture is thriving


Since ancient times,Songshan Shaolin Temple has been famous at home and abroad. It gave birth to a broad and distinctive Shaolin cultural system,including Shaolin Kung Fu,Shaolin Changong,Shaolin Stick Technique,and Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau.

Shaolin temple is the birthplace of Chinese zen Buddhism and Chinese kung fu.(少林寺是中国佛教禅宗祖庭和中国功夫的发源地。)It is now a world cultural heritage site, a national key cultural relic protection u。


Martial arts around the world originated in China,and Chinese martial arts started in Henan. Zhengzhou,the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu,少林寺英文介绍及翻译,is seeking to advance the art.,

Exchanges keep cultures alive


In recent years,the Shaolin Temple has placed great importance into spreading Shaolin culture around the world. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is posing serious challenges to nations all over the world,the Shaolin Temple,as the spiritual center for Shaolin disciples and followers of the Shaolin culture worldwide,works to advance world harmony,friendship,and health via the aesthetic value and practical application of martial arts,which transcends the barriers of language.


Photo: Fu Wenlong

On February 9th,2022,the Chinese New Year World Shaolin Kung Fu Online Games was held at Songshan Shaolin Temple. This is the first Shaolin Kung Fu online competition hosted by Shaolin Temple,which attracted worldwide attention. With a motto of "Peace,Friendship,Health,Happiness,Inheritance and Sharing",this competition gathered more than 5,000 Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners from over 200 Shaolin cultural centers and martial arts training institutions in 89 countries and regions. It can be called the "global carnival" for Shaolin disciples and Shaolin culture lovers.


篇一:嵩山少林寺英语作文 放暑假的时候,爸爸妈妈带我到少林寺玩,在那里我看到了我以前没见到过的风景:和尚,塔林,观光车,少林武僧,大雄宝殿,天王殿,藏经阁,缆车还有很多和尚的雕像。少林寺在郑州登封的嵩山上,。


In Zambia,children visit the Shaolin Cultural Center every weekend,to learn Chinese culture,Chinese Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine. There are four Zambian Shaolin disciples performing Shaolin Kung Fu,two of whom are "Chu San" and "Beijing",orphans adopted by the Center. The two are well-liked for their Kung Fu skills,even though they have only been practicing for about four or five months.



From July 14thto 15th,2022,China Daily's "Belt and Road" Youth English Speaking Competition was held at the Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou. Here participants from France,Pakistan,Kiribati,Somalia,Morocco,the United States,and China,delivered their speeches,and learned Shaolin Kung Fu and Central Plains culture.


In terms of friction caused by cultural differences between China and foreign countries,Shaolin culture offers a solution through active communication with other cultures. The diversity of Chinese civilization itself can only be preserved through exchanges. While improving the culture system and strengthening its religious beliefs,Shaolin culture actively exchanges with other cultures and contributes to the society. It will surely become one of the most brilliant Chinese cultures.


Photo: Fu Wenlong

篇一:介绍少林寺英语作文 8月17日这一天,我和爸爸妈妈一起来到了嵩山少林寺游玩,首先映入眼帘的是一尊迎宾佛,它的背后是护法金刚韦驮菩萨。进了山门,就见古树参天,石碑林立。 有一颗古老的银杏树,距今已有1500多年的历史了,走近仔细。

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